What will become of PyMOL?

Schrödinger announced several days ago that it has reached an agreement with the estate of the late Dr. Warren L. DeLano to continue the development, support, and sales of the PyMOL software package.

PyMOL is well known to all of us in the field and is perhaps the most widely used and loved molecular visualization tool. According to the announcement, prior to his unexpected passing Warren DeLano, had been working closely with Schrödinger for over a year, and in constant discussions concerning ways to progressively integrate the companies’ products. Warren’s wife said: “I know this is what Warren wanted for PyMOL’s future.”

Tom Stout added on the CCP4BB that Jason Vertrees that has been working closely with Warren for the past several years as a co-developer has agreed to join Schrödinger.

However, a quick search on twitter shows a range of feelings towards this acquizition:

What do you think this means for PyMOL’s future ? Tell us in the comments.

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