Macromolecular modeling n00bz, get up to speed with this review

Last month in Nature Chemical Biology, Dan Mandell and Tanja Kortemme from UCSF published a great review of current research in macromolecular modeling and experimentation: Computer-aided design of functional protein interactions. The review focuses on protein-protein interactions and interfaces but also covers the general field of macromolecular modeling in some depth. It includes sections that introduce basic concepts in modeling and tables that provide a succinct snapshot of recent accomplishments and how they tie in to the greater field.

Having finished reviewing a review, I will be following Borges’ lead and review papers from the literature that have not yet been written. Any paper suggestions?


10 Protein-Protein Interface Prediction Servers

The task of predicting the interface of a given protein using only the structure of the unbound protein, is an important goal. Many groups have attempted tackling this problem from different fronts and using different approaches. We preset here 10 popular protein-protein interface prediction servers. This might prove especially helpful to those who take part in the ongoing CAPRI round.


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