Request an invitation to RosettaCON2015

Requests are now being accepted through the RosettaCON website for invitations for the limited openings for RosettaCON2015 for members of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and related industries.

RosettaCon is an invitation-only conference at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat in Washington’s Cascade Mountains, where Rosetta Commons member laboratories share the latest experimental and computational research breakthroughs in protein and macromolecular engineering and structure prediction. The Commons grew out of David Baker’s laboratory at the University of Washington and is now a consortium of twenty-four international laboratories. Justin Siegel of the University of California at Davis and Frank DiMaio of the University of Washington organize this year’s conference. We are delighted to have Bill DeGrado of the University of California at San Francisco, Roberto Chica of the University of Ottowa, Lillian Chong of the University of Pittsburgh, and Gaël McGill of Digizyme and Harvard Medical School as confirmed invited guest speakers.

In addition to showcasing cutting edge research, there will be an industry-focused session for fostering collaborations and exploring the exchange of ideas, people and resources. We invite you to participate in this session through presentations, flip charts, and breakout discussions. We hope to expand on the growing number of industry-Rosetta Commons collaborations, such as:

  • Jeffrey Gray lab – AxioMx collaboration deciphering the specificity of antibodies binding phosporylated peptides
  • Jens Meiler lab – Eli Lilly collaboration developing methods for drug design
  • Tanja Kortemme lab –DSM collaboration developing ROSETTA applications to re-design enzyme substrate specificity

Hands-on Rosetta tutorial sessions may be offered for industry attendees interested in learning to use ROSETTA.

After the conference, hikes, climbs, and backing trips are organized by conference attendees on the most scenic trails and stellar climbs in all of Washington State.



One Sided De-Novo Computational Design of a Protein-Protein Interaction

In a recent Science paper, Sarel Fleishman et al. report the de-novo computational design of a protein interface to specifically target and tightly bind a surface patch of the flu hemaglutinin protein. We interview Sarel to get the insights from behind the scenes and the outlook for this exciting approach.



Pfizer using RosettaDock on the Amazon Cloud

In a post yesterday on the Bleeding Edge Biotech Blog, Adam Kraut gives an expanded version of his article for Bio-IT World entitled Antibody Docking on the Amazon Cloud describing how Pfizer is leveraging the power and flexibility of cloud computing to run antibody docking simulations using Rosetta. Pfizer with help from the Rosetta Design Group (that’s us) developed an antibody modeling and docking workflow, which they then scaled up and tested on the cloud with help from BioTeam (which Kraut consults for and talks about in his post). This is a fascinating article and certainly the Pfizer/RDG/BioTeam/Rosetta/Amazon synergy is a phenomenon on the bleeding edge.

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