RosettaCon 2010

As in previous years, we would like to invite representatives of the pharma and biotech industry to participate in RosettaCon 2010. Take part in the workshops, seminars, and have an opportunity to meet the Rosetta Commons researchers. Get to know Rosetta from the inside. RosettaCon will take place during August 3-6 at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat in Leavenworth, Washington, about 2.5 hours outside Seattle, in a dramatic mountain scenery – the only fitting environment for a scientific discussion really.

The Rosetta software is currently licensed for free to users at academic and nonprofit institutions and have thousands of academic users in more than 32 countries. Commercial entities can use Rosetta by paying a license fee. Amongst past participants in these workshops are representatives of the industry, mainly Rosetta’s licensees, or those who consider to license Rosetta.

Essentially the RosettaCon is a meeting of all the labs developing Rosetta. With sessions divided by scientific topics (e.g. protein design, docking, folding, etc..) in which each lab presents its work (protocols it’s developing within the framework, recent results, specific systems it’s investigating) and sporadic talks about code development and overall architecture of the suite (future plans, division of work, brainstorming). Attendees get to hear about the latest developments and about the protocols that are being developed at the moment. Personally, this would be my 5th RosettaCon and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! It’s an accumulation of some of the smartest people I know discussing my favorite bits of science. (oh, and the food is great too…)

If you may be interested in joining us this year,  just want more details or have any questions, please fill out the form below. If your company might want to sponsor the conference,  feel free to add that in as well.

Note: we can not accept academic registrants to this workshop. Rosetta Design Group is trying to make up for it in creating academic webinars instead.

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