What is your favorite journal in the field of computational structural biology?

Following the success of our previous poll which was followed by an extensive and interesting discussion, and in order to better our Bi(Tri,..)-Weekly Digests, we present a new poll which will determine once and for all, which is the best journal for the computational structural biologist. 

Of course we’re all reading all of the journals below, and certainly each has its own benefits. There is also the question if by “favorite” journal we mean where would you like to publish, or which are you enjoying reading the most? We know the question isn’t adequately defined. Nontheless, we urge you to pick one and try to explain in the comments what makes that journal special.

What is your favorite journal in the field of computational structural biology ?

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Update: additional journals proposed by the readers (which fall under the “other” category): JMB, Biochemistry, Protein science, Protein engineering, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, Journal of Molecular Modeling, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, BMC Structural Biology, Biopolymers & BMC Bioinformatics. Keep ’em coming.

Did we miss the best Journal of them all? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to the poll.

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  • Vladimir Chupakhin

    computational structural biology – seems for me as an difficult term but I prefer the Biochemistry, Journal of medicinal chemistry (mostly old issues), Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design maybe some others (Journal of Molecular Modeling for example). Yes, all of this journals publish articles mostly not about computational structural biology but published papers are great

  • WoA

    My top choices include Proteins and JMB. Then comes Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of chemical information and modeling, Protein science, Protein engineering, BMC Structural Biology and Biopolymers.

  • http://MetaDatabase.Org Dan Bolser

    I like JMB, I just don’t like its publishers – Reed Elsevier. Why? Because they actively support the arms trade:


    Also, I think as a community we should avoid publishing in journals that don’t make their contents freely available immediately or after some period of time (again JMB falls into this category). It’s time to boycott closed access publishers. Respect to PLoS CB for being open as in REALLY OPEN!

  • http://mgltools.scripps.edu/Members/sargis Sargis Dallakyan

    I also check BMC Bioinformatics. Their latest article entitled “Genome viewing goes Google” (http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2105/10/31) is pretty interesting, and if you are checking only the journals listed in this poll, you won’t be able to find anything like that. Also, nowadays, with so many journals its hard to find what you are looking for. So I have created a saved search in PubMed and I get email when new articles matching my search criteria are published. Some of it is published in journals that I never heard of.

  • admin

    Sargis, what’s your favorite PubMed search then ?

  • http://mgltools.scripps.edu/Members/sargis Sargis Dallakyan

    I have “autodock” and “virtual screening” saved search in My NCBI. “virtual screening” sometimes returns articles related to colonoscopy or surgery, but most of the time it returns articles that otherwise it would take me hours to find and its delivered right into my inbox.

  • WoA

    Here are some other journals I quite often look at:

    Chemical Biology & Drug Design(formerly journal of Peptide research)

    Computational Biology and Chemistry (formerly Computers and Chemistry )

    Computational Chemistry

    J structural Biology

    J Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics



  • http://MetaDatabase.Org Dan Bolser

    Hey! Elsevier got even worse! Check this out..

    Merck and Elsevier publish fake peer-reviewed journal:



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